Water is the Giver of Life

It is the universal solvent. American Indians called it the Great Giver of Life. In so many ways, the importance of potable water is in the news daily and yet it goes mostly unappreciated in our lives.

Ninety-six ounces of pure water, in addition to coffee, tea or health drinks, is our body’s requirement each day. Most Americans suffer the effects of chronic, long-term, mild dehydration, the enumeration of potential ailments far outruns the length of a readable blog. Suffice it to say that we all would feel better and be better if we could meet this one essential necessity of life.

In order to have pure water to drink, most of us must resort to bottled water because tap water in this country is not fit. In the least, it will have Chloramine, a derivative of Chlorine, which comes in the form of a powder that is miscible in water. Once it is there, it is there to stay regardless of boiling or distillation. Municipalities are using Chloramine to help stave off a recurrence of Legionnaires Disease and other illnesses that can befall tap water once the old-fashioned Chlorine has leached out. But despite everything bad about this chemical, not drinking water is worse for your body.

Notable to dieters, water is the molecule that pulls the hydro-carbons of fat apart, probably why diet plans include a high intake of water each day. Truth be known, diet pills could just as well be placebos as practically all of the weight loss can be attributed to the water alone.

Most of the time, I drink Dasani but that’s just a matter of favorites. I also use a Brita filtration pitcher. If you want to know if anything is in your water, bottled or tap, just put it in a dark pot and boil it down. Dasani leaves nothing behind in this simple test. You’re going to be amazed at the residue left behind from tap water. Trust me on this.

I was once in an Earth Fare grocery store where everything, especially produce, is supposed to be organic. I could detect a pool water smell to the vegetables that were being sprayed ever so often. Come to find out, the produce was being watered down with tap water. You may as well soak your veggies in a swimming pool. I asked the produce manager what he thought about it. He told me it wasn’t his job.

Watch what you eat. Once Chloramine absorbs into plants it is there for good.

Drink plenty of the purest water you can find each day.

Please share my site with your friends and family. This is a community service blog site and your help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.



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