Peace Lilies Purify the Air

Pictured is a volunteer peace lily, there are dozens of variants, that recently grew outside my apartment in High Point, NC. And so, I decided to give it some fame and spread its reputation around.

Housebound peace lilies are known for purifying the inside air. They will capture mold spores in damp environments. Mold can cause allergic reactions within the respiratory system, some are serious.

This plant will also filter out carcinogenic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. I very well could, and may, do an article on each one of these, but for the purposed of this holistic blog, it is sufficient to know that these volatile organic compounds are very present in modern house manufacturing and need to not be there.

Your easy solution is to have some peace lilies in your home.

Please share my site with your friends and family. This is a community service blog site and your help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.


Photo credit of Patrick Morton

One thought on “Peace Lilies Purify the Air

  1. Hello. My sincere apologies that it took so long for me to reply. By all means and please do share my blog. In that I do this work for community service, I appreciate any and all help in getting the messages out. Thanks a lot.


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