The Miracle of Phytocillin

I know ‘miracle’ is a strong word to use for a supplement. But if you have ever had a cold you could not shake or a hot tooth that would not ease off then perhaps in trying Phytocillin then you would see it differently. It is truly a godsend among all the concoctions of the nutrition supplement world.

About 12 years ago, I was suffering from a lingering chest cold and happened into the Only Earth store, a place of healing and organic foods. With my symptoms, the old sage behind the counter could have sold me lots of stuff. He recommended the Phytocillin whole-heartedly, staked his reputation on its effectiveness. He suggested an aggressive dose of 5 times a day which I used without regret, other than the taste as it is worse than rotten logs. By the next day, my cough and most of the congestion were gone. Three days in I was back to normal. Since that time I have never had but the beginnings of cold and flu because the mixture boosted my immune system such that the challenge was defeated.

That old man had told me then that Phytocillin was effective for any kind of infection, so when I had a molar to go nuclear I was eager to give it a try. It is tricky to bathe an upper tooth with liquid from a rubber bottle stopper but I was instantly rewarded with some pain relief. After a week of three times a day dosing the tooth was no longer an issue. Whereas my dentist said the only solution was a root canal or extraction I still have that tooth some 12 years later. I have seen similar results in other people who followed my suggestion with this treatment.

Phytocillin’s constituents include¬†Usnea lichen, Yerba Mansa root, Propolis gum, Echinacea angustifolia root, Licorice root, Oregon Grape root and Hops strobile wherein a thesis could be written on the benefits of each of these. Not listed on the label, healing of teeth, gums, throat, stomach, and intestines is merely the basis of this elixir. It can also be used to promote healing of skin wounds and conditions like herpes, vaginitis, minor burns and post-surgery mouth care to name a few. Except for the eyes, this dark amber liquid can be used anywhere on your body for about any malady.

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2 thoughts on “The Miracle of Phytocillin

  1. Lupe,

    My wife has fibro so fortunately, I know some things that will help to some degree.

    First, try to avoid NSAIDS like Ibuprophen as they adversely affect the liver.

    Massage any of the 18 pain centers with Frankincense oil (just a few drops are all that is required as it is fairly expensive), meditation and aromatherapy with this essential oil works best.

    I’m in a Facebook group called CBD Oil May Help where lots of folks swear by CBD Oil’s ability to combat arthritic pain; obviously, cannabis helps to an even greater degree, subject to your local laws of course. Members of this group will be happy to assist with the proper dosage and the moderator markets the oil which is the most expensive of these alternatives. They will be helpful in the selection of a particular variety, as well.

    I haven’t tested this but a regimen of fish oil may help in the long run because fibromyalgia is partly a dysfunction of nerves and the oil taken internally will alleviate that. I surmise this because fish oil helped a patient with strong, carpal-tunnel pain in her wrists and fingers. Take as much as 3000 mg per day if this inexpensive remedy is chosen.

    Most importantly, the fibro patient will sadly hurt regardless of activity, but staying active is the best therapy to be had. Inactivity only makes the syndrome worse and allows depression to settle in. Despite the pain, and I know it is there, the feeling of small accomplishments will help the situation.

    Hopefully, one or more of these suggestions will help. In fact, I know they will to varying degrees as every patient is different. Let me know if I can assist you further.


  2. Thank you for your kind compliments to my web page. I bring a lifetime of medical experience and my college degree in alternative medicine just to help people find their wellness. Yes, my research is sound and I pass my advice along with the utmost care. Thank you for visiting and feel free to share my site.


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