breast cancer prevention

Avoid all products with Aluminum zirconium tetrachloride.
For community service purposes only as copyright infringement is not intended.

In 1998, I worked for a chemical lab whose job was to isolate and test the amount of perfume in Secret products. Safety procedures were very strict in handling this product because the Aluminum zirconium tetrachloride in the antiperspirant is listed in the Material Safety Data Sheets as class 2 carcinogen. It causes cancer. Handling it without special nitrile gloves was grounds for immediate dismissal. That’s consumer demand for you, one may use it in casual disregard of the inherent danger.

For decades now, men and women spread this dangerous formula under their arms indiscriminately, in blind faith for their safety due to being uneducated to the danger. The chemistry is bad, but made worse by the location of under the arms and right on top of ducts which feed right into the lymph nodes of the human breasts. This is further complicated by the normal function of these ducts is to sweat out impurities. So, not only are the breasts exposed to a cancer-causing agent but they cannot rid themselves of these impurities in the process. And for those diagnosed with breast cancer, they continue to bath their underarms with the carcinogen while undergoing treatment for the cancer it caused.

Do you not understand the double standard here? Workers cannot handle Secret, and other antiperspirants like it, without special gloves but big business leads you to believe that it is safe to slather your armpits with it.

Therefore, if you want to avoid breast cancer then do not use products that cause cancer just because you don’t want to perspire. As far as I know, deodorants are relatively safe. In other words, by any brand name, do not put Aluminum zirconium tetrachloride or any of its derivatives on your body.

Please share my site with your friends and family. This is a community service blog site and your help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.



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