Also called olibanum…

… this ancient essence can be used as aromatherapy for stress, headaches, acne, digestion, gas, coughs, and colds but also as a topical oil for pain, inflammation and skin infections. Due to its stimulation of the immune system, some people herald frankincense in the treatment of certain cancers, namely breast and pancreatic. When inhaled, Frankincense promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness. It is one of the best essential oils to use for low testosterone either by aromatherapy or 1 to 2 drops in a carrier oil taken internally.

God’s Divine plan for mankind provides us with a wondrous array of helpful plants of which Frankincense may be the oldest It is sourced from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacra trees, beginning as white and gummy becoming a yellowish powder, and is usually diluted with a carrier like coconut oil, then steam distilled. Since it comes from a plant, Olibanum is also found in my Healing Plants of the Bible page, found on the Home menu. Back in the day, it was used as incense (early aromatherapy) in Judaic religious ceremonies; a sweet aroma pleasing to God and man alike. It was given as a gift to the Holy family when Jesus was born because it was transportable and marketable, helping the three to survive in such tumultuous times.

One method of use, for aromatherapy, (and you do not need a diffuser) is to place a drop or two of the essential oil on your palm then rub your hands together. Cup your hands around your face and breathe the essence in at your leisure. At this point, it is advantageous to meditate on the healing properties of frankincense. When done, you may apply the oil topically to any region of your body that may need it. Or like I do, just rub it through my hair because I love the way it smells.

Note that some of the oil will absorb into your palms using the above method. There is no harm in this as an overdose of frankincense is unheard of. The worst that may be expected is a rash or upset stomach. That being said, if you are handling multiple vials of essential oils know that natural chemicals can be as strong as manmade ones. A modicum of care is always suggested.

Along with equal parts of Wintergreen and Peppermint, Frankincense is known to work for migraine headaches in aromatherapy. Keep in mind, Wintergreen can be toxic so don’t use the above method of palming the essential oil. Use a diffuser this time.

Frankincense should be taken internally with precise care. Use exactly one drop in four ounces of pure water or one to two drops inside a veggie capsule. 

You should perform a skin allergy test before slathering it on an affected area. Place one drop at an inconspicuous spot on your body and watch for 2 or 3 days to see if redness occurs. Red would be test-positive for allergens so you would not use. If it is a stark reaction then you may want to reconsider its use for aromatherapy.

Here is an online source for Frankincense:

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