Apple Cider Vinegar for Health

There is a buzz going around about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar so I thought I would blog about it. Easy enough to purchase at most any store. It is also very easy to safely dose yourself. Take a tablespoon in a glass of water before each meal. (Make sure it’s pure water because if you use tap water with all its chemicals you might come up with a species in the mixture that is bad for you.) Although the actual amount of water taken is not critical, as always, the more the better.

You do not have to only drink this aid as some people sprinkle it over their food for added flavor. I plan to do this (in a matter explained below) some of the time but will mostly take a shot of the vinegar and chase it with water.

Not to worry, it is probably impossible to get too much of this into your body. That being said, too much of anything is not good for you and will give you an upset stomach.

Apple cider vinegar is initially made from apple juice with yeast added for fermentation into alcohol. The second stage, helpful bacteria changes the alcohol into acetic acid, which is vinegar. There are also polyphenols present that are in the class of antioxidants to help prevent some forms of cancer.

As a homeopathic remedy, this juice serves to help with cholesterol, heart health, dandruff, nail fungus, lice, warts, ear infections, and type 2 diabetes. In the latter, it aids in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. It is also celebrated to help fight obesity and specifically in reducing belly fat. A friend of mine attests to Apple Cider Vinegar helping with bursitis, gout and acid reflux.

It is not recommended for type 1 diabetes and is known to reduce potassium levels which might lead to muscle cramps or tiredness. There is a slight possibility that apple cider vinegar may interfere with medications that treat both diabetes and heart disease, so as with any home remedy run the notion of taking it by your doctor. This part may also be true of diuretics and laxatives.

Here is where some fun comes in. I am going to play being the guinea pig and go on a regimen of apple cider vinegar, keeping a journal of such benefits I notice. After a month, I will blog the results here in Holistic American Medicine; linked to Facebook and Twitter, of course.

As of January 3, 2019, I began using apple cider vinegar before meals; one tablespoon in a glass of water. The only thing to report thus far is that I am more regular without discomfort. I also have something of an earache I’m treating with equal parts warm water and putting about 10 drops into the ear canal for five minutes. On the first day, my hearing has returned a bit from about 70 percent loss.

After a week of ear treatments using the method above, I have more than half of my hearing range and sensitivity restored. Feeling like I can do better, I’m switching to the doTerra brand of the essential oil MelaleucaA few drops are placed onto a small cotton ball and the wet end is gently inserted into the ear canal. You can feel it working within a few minutes. It feels so warm and comfy that I’m going to leave it in for about an hour. I’ll keep you posted.

Please share my site with your friends and family. This is a community service blog site and your help in getting the word out is greatly appreciated.


As with all changes to your medical plan, consult a physician before making any changes.


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