is a fragrant, reddish-brown to orange resin from the Commiphora myrrha trees of the Near East and Africa used in perfume, incense, medicine, and foods. Used for literally thousands of years, it was notably present at both the birth and death of Jesus Christ; first as a gift from one of the three Magi and then offered as a strong pain remedy during His crucifixion, though he refused it in the latter.

Along with Frankincense, this valuable essence was once regarded as gold, used as incense in Judaic temples at worship; its sweet aroma pleasing to God and has a soothing effect in humans.

Medically, Myrrh is proven by studies in a variety of cancer treatments. It fights bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi while also working to optimize hormone levels in the human body. Its anti-inflammatory plant compounds enable it to effectively treat skin conditions up to and including infected wounds; likewise cleaning wounds to prevent infections. The cytotoxic properties help it to fight cancers, even aggressive prostate cancer, and with inhalation works well for maladies with the lungs. It is also known to work amazingly well with stomach and intestinal ailments.

Numerous studies have found that Myrrh soothes the inflammation and itch of psoriasis where the skin is in a delicate condition in the first place. You will want to dilute myrrh essential oil with a carrier oil like olive or coconut to the ration of 3 to 100. Roughly, this will be an entire $90 bottle of Myrrh with 15 ounces of carrier oil and mix very well. Place just a few drops on the affected area. All this is after performing an allergy test on healthy skin.

Used as a spice in some foods, it is not well-documented and I’ll have to amend this blog whenever I come across some recipes.

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Here is an online source for Myrrh:


As with any new therapy, consult your doctor before making changes to your health plan.


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