Beets lower blood pressure and are unique vegetables in that processing and/or cooking do not take away from taste and nutrition. Whether red, white or golden, whether raw, cooked or as a juice, nutrients and flavor do not change appreciably in any case. It is also notable in being that the entire plant and root is edible.

Drinking one cup of beet juice is equal to about two medium vegetables. They are a good source of iron (folate), dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin K, and nitrates (in fact, beet juice is the greatest source of naturally occurring antioxidants and nitrates). The latter performs very well in lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow for major organs, including the brain, and it cleanses the liver. Consuming beets for a week will aid in physical stamina during hard exercise or work. It takes only 3 to 6 hours for the blood pressure effects to be seen.

Certainly, maintaining one’s low blood pressure over time is ideal and it involves learning the body to know the amount of flesh or juice to be consumed. In solid form, you can eat beets in easily a couple of dozen online recipes, straight from the can or in salads with dressing. Not only are there pickled beets, but the sky is the limit on imagination here.

Surely, no-one will want to focus only on beets for blood pressure control when there are at least 18 other vegetables that essentially do the same thing. Anyone working on their hypertension at home is going to have a blood pressure cuff. I say, us that device with any number of pressure-regulating delectables to keep things for your palate interesting. If vegetables aren’t your thing, you can always rely on nitrate capsules.

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As with any changes to your wellness plan, consult your physician.


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