Beef is Safe Again

The fatty acid balance in grass-fed beef makes it a heart-healthy food, as God intended. Corporate bovine lots in the 1940s and 1950s began trending towards the marbled beef that grain-fed cattle produces. This is man messing with Creation. It looked better and tasted better. Consumer-driven, the practice set the meat industry on its ear. Everyone wanted the fatty steaks and roasts regardless of the health impact.

That’s when everything changed about heart disease. The omega-3 fatty acids in fat-marbled beef are as high as twenty to one in favor of bad cholesterol forming in the blood. Billions of healthcare dollars have been spent in the wake of this mistaken step in our food supply. Even taking Omega-3 supplements are not enough to bring this food back in line of being healthy to eat.

Obviously, with less fat, this beef has fewer calories. Making it a choice ingredient for the South Beach Diet, or any smart eating plan.

Steak lovers can rejoice in eating free-range meats. If their doctor is knowledgeable then people should be able to get their tacit approval of the diet change to include heart-healthy beef.

That being said, it is more expensive than its grain-fed counterpart, partly because of supply and demand, but more time is required for the free-ranging bovine to mature. It is simply a matter of choice. But you can enjoy your steak without the guilt.

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