Essential Oils are…

so-named because they carry essences required by the human body for total wellness but are not produced by the body. They must be taken in. Aromatherapy is the simplest method for introducing essential elements inside the human body. Ideally, essential oils will be highly concentrated so that their aromatic molecules arise in abundance, reaching the blood by way of respiration in a mechanism not unlike smoking, but safer.

But this is just one facet of aromatherapy, besides the fact that essential oils have psychoactive substances (just like caffeine and nicotine) there is also the brain’s reaction to aromas which runs deeper than something being pleasant or unpleasant to smell. The ability to enjoy certain fragrances, or not, is hardwired by our DNA and expressed in the way we feel/behave, with or without odors. Essences from plants, delivered into our hands by God, can be as powerful as any drugs manufactured by man.

Essential oils are made by the emersion of an herb into a carrier oil, usually coconut or olive. This marriage of spice and oil are left undisturbed for a period of time depending on its variety, sometimes several weeks in the case of mints, then drained. Other essences, like myrrh, rely on steam distillation where the oil and spice are mixed, heated with steam as to not burn, and the condensation collected is the essential myrrh oil.

With so much depending on the essential oils we use it is very important to choose the highest quality. As much can be said for finding oils whose essence is the highest concentration as well which goes to how long our purchase will last. Personally, I use doTerra products and have developed faith in them over the last three years since I discovered them. There are cheaper oils, I admit, but handled properly (and if you begin to use oils to make your own bath and beauty products at home you will know what I mean here) they last very well in usage and age quite well.

You can buy them online here where you may shop and peruse my wife’s website for all the product information you would care to know. There you will also find cooking recipes with essential oils and explicit directions for making your own bath and beauty products from the same.

High-quality oils have no expiration date as archaeologists have found ancient essential oils, thousands of years old, that are still viable. I have three-fourths of a $90 bottle of Frankincense, three years old, still as fresh as the day I got it.

So, by some means you’ve gotten your hands on the essential oils you want to use. Now how to perform aromatherapy. You can easily spend money on a diffuser which does provide for hands-free therapy.  It is a device that uses steam evaporation to coax the essence into the air. Better yet, the palms are an even better device. Simply place some drops, rub your hands together and cupped them around your nose. There you go. Your own personal diffuser. I suggest meditation at this point.


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And as always, consult your physician when making changes to your health plan.



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