Melaleuca is tea tree oil, made by God and Goddess for man as with the rest of all flora on Earth; an essential oil that I have used for earaches and keeping fleas off the dog, ticks too presumably. The essence is transferred from green leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia into the carrier oil using steam distillation. For the modern world, it was discovered by Captain James Cook in Australia which he used to treat his crew from scurvy. Although, it originally belongs to the Bundjulung tribe of aborigines as was so for thousands of years.

In addition to a skin and nail cleanser, it can be used as a few drops of this antiseptic oil in an aerator bottle for environmental challenges. Likewise, tea tree oil in a diffuser provides a refreshing scent in an otherwise stuffy room. Add one or two drops to your facial cleanser for a deeper, astringent effect. The same amount in juice daily helps to support a healthy immune system. It is applied to the skin to treat acne, scabies, ringworm, and athlete’s foot; known for its antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. As a remedy for fungal infections or a preventative, it is applied to the nail area after bathing, for instance.

I began using it in the pure state to keep fleas and ticks off of my dog. While you can buy pet shampoo with tea tree oil in it, the concentration is so low that one is tempted to bath the dog every week during flea and tick season. With Melaleuca essential oil, I just put a few drops in my hands then massaged the animal all about its fur, especially on the legs and tail which are usually closest to the ground. I really felt like I only had to do this about every month with no sign of pests.

Although I have used tea tree oil unadulterated, that is three drops over a medium dog’s entire body, some sources suggest a hundred to one dilution in water. If you do the math, that comes out to roughly one drop oil to one teaspoon of water. After spraying your dog, you can certainly use this dilution to treat bedding, carpets, and any fleas infested areas where a little water is no problem.

It is harmful to pets to innoculate them for fleas and ticks with pesticides. Essential oils for your pet is a healthy, pesticide-free way. As always, make sure to perform an allergy test on your pet before applying liberally.

In reading my blogs, you’ll soon begin to notice that I am hands-on with essential oils which I am with most of them. As we explore oils together, not to worry, I will strongly warn about any that are risky to the touch.

To treat an earache is truly easy, and I have done this recently with excellent results. Place a few drops of Melaleuca oil, a very good anti-inflammatory, on a small cotton ball and insert the wet end into the opening of the ear canal. You want to put it just inside. You may even want to work the ball to help it fit better before adding oil. The terpinene fumes find their way into the inner ear all by itself. Within a few minutes, you’ll begin the feel the healing warmth of this medicine. Used a couple of times a day, for up to one hour, my ear and hearing were markedly better in two days.

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As with any holistic application, consult your doctor before making changes to your wellness plan.



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