Homeopathic Spider Killer

This formula was given to me by a mountain man from western Virginia who swears by it working. This spray kills spiders but is safe around children and pets. Use common sense, of course, and do not drink it. When used sparingly, it will not harm furniture or trappings about your home. Presumably, it will kill insects as well.

Into a gallon container half-filled with water add one cup of 20 Mule Team Borax and one cup of white vinegar. Dissolve the borax into the water then add vinegar. Mix thoroughly then fill up the rest of the way with water. Put the mixture into a sprayer and you are good to go.

The formula is not precise. If it were me, I would experiment using half a cup each of the ingredients to start with then go stronger if the situation called for it. Since this is all natural, you don’t have to worry about wildlife being harmed by runoff, except for bugs.

Test this out before you spray the whole plantation.

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