Why Anti-Vaxxers are Right

By Patrick Morton

Most Anti-Vaxxers are highly educated people; not their fault, just their avocation. Hundreds of research articles are coming to light which support the things I’m about to tell you. If you can read and understand the language used in research papers then God bless you because you are halfway there. The world is your oyster and you can peruse the many published papers citing these things that I’m about to tell you by my own understanding. But if you cannot get through such papers then relax because I will not let you down.

When vaccines were young, they were essentially pure back then. But they were not working as hard as doctors and researchers were hoping for as they were gunning for absolute eradication of diseases. Without fully understanding alum, aluminum sulfate, in about the 1930s, they found that doping the vaccines with this chemical greatly increased the vaccine’s power, its efficacy. It achieved this action by stimulating the body’s immune response. And so the race was on to wipe out the communicable diseases that plagued mankind. No holds barred. Any means necessary.

(This practice was to take a heavy metal toxin and fool around with the body’s immune system. Let that soak in for a minute.)

The result of this race brings us up to today, where vaccines have worked medical miracles by virtue of all the lives they have saved or improved. Anti-Vaxxers have no problem with vaccines in and of themselves. It is the impurities that are deliberately placed inside the medicine which has these thinkers so upset and with good cause.

The type of aluminum put in vaccines does not work well with living tissue, especially brain tissue, nerves, and bodily organs. It is not like the aluminum from your cookware or aluminum foil as it changes the way our mitochondria works for one, sometimes damaging it completely. With these changes comes autoimmune disorder, autism, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other ailments that fall under the autoimmune umbrella. Everyone who ever had a vaccination will not present with the same disease for the same reason that different people react to a given drug in different ways. Some recipients, mostly toddlers by virtue of the CDC’s aggressive vaccination schedule, may present with symptoms right away, some may die right away, while others will take years before noticing something wrong with their bodies. Honestly, there will even be some people who never show any signs of heavy metal poisoning.

But let’s take alum-induced brain damage for instance. You are given a vaccination when you are 2 years old. Right away the heavy metal toxin damages 5% of your brain. But it’s a part of your brain you’re not using at the time. So, do you have brain damage from a vaccination or not? Maybe so. Maybe there’s some explained reason as to why you cannot do good at math some years later.

In a like mechanism as above, you are 16 years old and rather suddenly your pancreas quits making insulin. You have insulin-dependent or juvenile onset diabetes and doctors cannot explain why this autoimmune disorder has happened, although the life you knew is gone. Research papers, particularly those produced outside the United States (and its special interest medicine), are pointing the way towards heavy metal toxins triggering autoimmune responses in the body. It may well have been that extra amount of alum inside your Guardasil shot that sent your pancreas over the edge. This would be in addition to the heavy metal toxins taken in from all of your childhood vaccinations to date. For brevity, we are not dealing with the mercury that is also present in vaccines. The human body cannot get rid of heavy metals.

The United States is a land rotten with special interests. Filthy lobbyists of very kind and creed levy against the greater good in Washington. The corruption filters on down to your local venue; doctor’s offices, for instance. Right out of medical school, doctors are obliged to do medical procedures in a certain way if they desire to keep their licenses. Even if it means prescribing a drug they know presents a danger to their patient, or they should know. I call it the Business as Usual Medical Practice. It is also pervasive in the medical research industry whose results are carefully monitored by Big Pharma. Remember the doctor from some years ago who went out on a limb being the first to blame vaccinations on autism? He was buried with discretizations before the ink was dry on his own research paper. Little help now, he is vindicated by countless research findings, again from outside the U.S. mostly, by clearly assigning alum as the culprit.

Practically everyone in America tests positive for heavy metals in their blood. Doctors brainwashed by the system will tell you that your blood tests within acceptable levels of heavy metals and it’s nothing to worry about. Sure. The only acceptable level of foreign materials inside our bodies would be zero. None. Just because we have not presented with problems related to autoimmune disorder does not mean we are in the clear. It only means that our bodies have not yet succumbed to the poisoning.

I will be completely amazed if the medical community ever steps forward in admitting the grave mistake they made by putting heavy metal toxins in everyone’s vaccines. The ugly side of it is the medical industry has made countless fortunes in treating all of the diseases brought on by vaccine tampering in this country. My own child has autism; happened before I knew any better than to trust her pediatrician. She is not getting the Guardasil vaccine!

I am an Anti-Vaxxer for obvious reasons like having a vaccine-injured child but also for a more socially important one. There exists a far more sinister agenda hidden in vaccines. The adjuvants Big Pharma has been using for 90 years has made disease incubators out of us all. They are just waiting for us to get sick when our autoimmune ‘decides’ to follow a metabolic pathway into a disease. Like a dreamer, I believed in the healing powers the correctly administered antigens may bring. But I know all too well the adjuvants that Big Pharma deliberately places in vaccines are debilitation and deadly. This is the driving force of my distaste of modern medicine. If we politically must have them then I demand vaccines be served in their purest form, no additives, or to not be served at all.


Important updates containing references for your continued reading:

A compilation of 130 studies linking adjuvants to neurological and autoimmune issues.

Dr. Kelly Brogan’s reveal of the CDC coverup.

An article about Dr. Chris Exley’s published paper in December 2017 for the casual reader.

Dr. Chris Exley’s actual published paper.

Papers from a government database on vaccines and autism.


2 thoughts on “Why Anti-Vaxxers are Right

  1. I see forced vaccine issue in light of Roe v Wade. The individual has soverinty over their body and privacy in healthcare.
    Heavy metal toxicity is certainly an issue.
    I am also concerned that adult stem cells pick up debris from fetal tissue in vaccines and code as a different human identity when making cells for various parts of the body. Then auto immune responses identify cells as not the host and attack.


    1. I remain concerned that our government will make policy on this issue without having heard all the truth. I know last week at the Congressional hearing on vaccines, the guards at the doors refused to allow parents of vaccine-injured children onto the floor. That was wicked wrong. I am also concerned about fetal tissues in vaccines b/c the way it is prepped changes the DNA coding in the material. Once the autoimmune is activated many undesirable things may happen.


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