A Solution to the Vaccine Argument

Vaccines are not pure medicines. They come with a mixture of adjuvants to both preserve the ingredients and boost the immune factor. Phenol, phenoxyethanol, and mercury thimerosal are the most used preservatives while the aluminum species of amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate (AAHS), aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and potassium aluminum sulfate (Alum) serve to awaken the autoimmune thus increasing efficacy. There are many more chemicals found in vaccines. The point is that research shows high levels of aluminum in the brain tissues of autism patients and that aluminum is most reactive to the autoimmune system. Damage to the autoimmune is known to cause autism, type-1 diabetes, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune hepatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and MS just to name a few. Again, this is supported by research studies.

Adjuvants have been used with vaccines since the 1930s, and ever since, in a spiraling climb upwards for even more powerful vaccination efficacy; how strong a medicine is. But having ever more powerful vaccines is like fishing for 5-pound bass using 100-pound test fishing line when a 12-pound line will do the job. As more and newer research comes in one can see that the need for adjuvants is not a defendable position; not at the medical price being paid by children and adults alike.

I have read numerous research studies testing various components of vaccines, even adjuvants tested by themselves in mice. (By the way, the mice in that study immediately changed their behavioral habits.) One study I’m yet to come across is a broad study of vaccinating people without adjuvants altogether. I propose to simply have vaccines without the toxins that are killing babies and making adults sick. Or at least make it an option when getting vaccinated. I believe that vaccine science sells itself short; that problems of vaccine freshness and suitable efficacy can be overcome.

To be successful in this, we would need to redirect all the Anti-Vaxxers and get them to agree with clean vaccines. Then we would need to approach Congress. And so on and so forth.

I’m rather certain that Big Pharma will have none of this; that they would be adamant about the adjuvants remaining in our vaccines, the same ones that the government may soon make mandatory. The evil and sinister side of this comes easily if you look at it. People (some do this willingly) getting injected with dangerous toxins that produce autism, type-1 diabetes, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune hepatitis, IBS and MS gives the medical community a guaranteed percentage of the population as patients. Not sorry, it sounds like a money-making scam to me and a good way to limit the population of the masses.

Do you think everyone in America receives the same vaccinations, you know, up and down the ladder? ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS.


A compilation of 130 studies linking adjuvants to neurological and autoimmune issues.

An article about Dr. Chris Exley’s published paper in December 2017 for the casual reader.

Dr. Chris Exley’s actual published paper.

Papers from a government database on vaccines and autism.


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